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I often use Duolingo on the subway and so I don't use the microphone feature, pretty much ever. Can you build a feature that will allow users to go back to the speaking portions of the lessons to practice that? I've gotten very good at listening and reading but would like to learn speech after I'm out of the subway / public space. Thanks!

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Hi Luis,

Thanks so much for Duolingo - love the mission, the product. So happy about the Japanese release!

A few questions for you:

1) what unique product challenges did the Japanese language present compared to other language releases?

2) what quantitative or qualitative validation did your team do to figure out that the Japanese language was the next important language to launch?

3) do you think you'll have a feature that maybe includes video clips or music to keep things different and interesting? maybe have that feature be traded by streaks/lingots? I'd love to see something like that as the styles of questions are a bit repetitive currently.

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That makes sense! And yes, I look forward to that! Also, I'm a huge fan of Clash Royale like you are - hope Duolingo will be as addicting because I always feel like I wasted my time / killed some brain cells when I get sucked into Clash. I think the waiting for the treasure chest encourages me to come back to it - maybe it's something to consider?