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It wasn't until my ex-husband was in his forties that it was discovered that he had Kallman's syndrome. He was originally told that he must have had a "bad cold" when he was a young child. What is your experience with that?

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The best poultry I've ever had were the 6 pound or heavier "roaster" chickens. I haven't seen them in years despite working with my local meat market, everything is "young chickens" or fryers.

Is it possible to get large chickens anywhere?

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Yes, understood. As it is a genetic syndrome, I doubt there is much being done around it but I thought you would be a good person to ask.

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So they still exist? I've tried freezer sections, face-to-face help, everything. I was told that since they sell so few of them they aren't around anymore and that I would have to buy a whole case!