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Thank you for your support, I wish you well with your studies!

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It was very exciting until I discovered that I had picked the wrong publisher and had to take it into my own hands.

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Those who have read it have said how much they have enjoyed it. I hope if you read it you will also enjoy it. I put so much of myself into the writing.

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Sticking at it once the first enthusiasm has gone and finishing it!

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My parents brought us all home in 1930 because of theChinese/Japanese war. I am the only one who went back and that wasn't until 1988. After my parents died I wrote a book about their amazing lives and in the research I wrote to rhe mission hospital where mother and father worked. They invited me out. I spent a week there and fell in love with the people and the island. I returned two years later to work as a volunteer teacher in a mission school. I spent six months there ate that time. I have since been back several times. Now the students i taught have babies of their own. they are my second family. I'm going out there this September.