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I have a ton of ileostomy supplies (stoma paste, coloplast seals/etc). My sister had to have one for about a year before she passed away and my family tried literally dozens of brands and types that wouldn't leak/etc (never found anything perfect) so now there is a box of ileostomy medical supplies I need to donate.

My question is this -- would you like these medical supplies for free? Would just need shipping covered.

EDIT: Wow I'm definitely feeling the love. Thanks everyone. I got off of work today and saw all the nice comments and gold. I just want to make sure that this stuff doesn't go to waste if it can be useful for anyone else. I am in contact with a reddit user now that might have use of the supplies. I know nothing about the stuff, so hopefully it does get put to good use.

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Pretty much any co-op board game (there are lots of them) can be played solitaire.

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These summaries were a nice read. Thanks!

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haha indeed

board-game for lonely people

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How do you feel about the fact that nobody cares about your product?