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elightened-n-lost1399 karma

You mention making a mask for someone in an operation. I've got a Mission Impossible scene playing in my head now. Obviously you can't make the masks as fast as they can but for someone to be in public wearing one I'm assuming they must be pretty damn good. Are there any situations you wouldn't trust it to fool people? Like certain lighting or small groups of people you need to closely interact with?

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Can't belive the hoverbike didn't maim you

Edit: I'll buy one if you build it.

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That's really impressive that you were able to get up close and interact with people. Very cool info, thanks!

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I flinched literally every time he got off of it. Dude has some great balance, but more importantly, huuugggee balls.

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Yeah, getting that caught in anything would be a big bummer, for all of us!