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You guys think I'm just some untouchable peasant? Peon? Huh? Maybe so, but following a broom around after shitheads like you for the past eight years I've learned a couple of things. I look through your letters, I look through your lockers. I listen to your conversations, you don't know that but I do. I am the eyes and ears of this institution, my friends.

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Boys will be gross and pee all over but girls will leave things of nightmares. Working at the middle school was the worst because they didn't know, or didn't care, how to properly dispose of feminine products... I have seen terrible things

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He was in G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

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The worst was when I worked at the middle school and the girls would use their used tampons to write on the wall. "I love john". Fucking gross.

Another time there was a terrible smell that we couldn't pin point until we saw a vent with the cover missing... The girls had been stashing their used tampons up there

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1) I always talk with the students. In the hall, in the classroom if I'm cleaning/fixing something. It's honestly my favorite part of the job. I could be having a bad day and then a mob of 10 year olds high five me all day and everything's cool!

2) I rarely see teachers outside of work since most of them don't live near me. I do see students quite often since I live close to the school. I think they see me more often than I see them