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Your argument is basically ‘my website is more credible than your website’. Even if Hammer and Scorecard is off target, there’s a laundry list of red flags that indicate fraudulent activity. Look into the whistleblower tapes. That’s why I brought up Snowden. Full transparency would completely eliminate all of these ‘conspiracy theories’. Instead, they just censor you. Censorship is a very intentional tactic used to squelch dissent. Again, Snowden showed us what happens to real whistleblowers.

Sure, its easy to obfuscate the details because there’s so much misinformation - but you have to be extremely biased to completely ignore voter manipulation and election rigging. Remember what happened to Bernie? The DNC completely screwed him over, despite what the people wanted.

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Remember Snowden? Yea, the guy who gave up everything to expose criminals within our govt. Is that just a ‘conspiracy theory’? The NSA surveillance machine would never spy on its own people right? These same cronies have their fingers all over the past 3 elections at the very least.

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C’mon you know they’ll only answer softball questions.

But for anyone reading this, look up Whistleblower Tapes. The entire Obama administration is complicit. John Brennan and James Clapper are two-faced traitors. Snowden’s leaks proved Clapper is guilty of perjury, but instead of jail time he was given the role of ‘National Security Analyst’ at CNN. 🤣🤣🤣

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Have you guys read The Whistleblower Tapes?

Edit - look at all these bootlickers ignoring whistleblowers because it might implicate their team. Its only newsworthy if it fits the agenda amirite? Lol frogs boiling in water.