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Serious Sam 3 was my favorite shooter of 2011, by far. But those opening levels....man....those opening levels :-P

Can you please be sure not to do super-narrow stuff like that again in your future games? I stuck with it cause I trust and love you guys, but it prevented a bunch of my friends from getting too far into it, thinking the entire game was like that.

Serious Sam 4 is already my game-of-the-whenever.

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Are you happy with the reception and audience size of VGHS? I really loved it and happily contributed to seasons 2 and 3, but the various circles on the Internet where I spend time browsing didn't really seem to know about it at all. Whether gaming forums, various Reddits, etc. Yet at the same time, it seems to have been successful for you, so maybe it's just me? Either way, wondering if you've all been happy with its reception and whether you'd have done anything different in retrospect.

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Are you looking into a way to disable the Start button without disabling other hardware buttons to respond to the complaints by Penny Arcade and others? For a tablet so strong at inking, it seems like an obvious major oversight to place the button there in the way of right handers.

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What are your thoughts on Epic's plans for Unreal Tournament, and what are your initial ideas on how to differentiate from what they're doing?

(personally I think their plans for UT are perfectly ideal in every way, and am super-impressed with their model for monetization and community contribution)

Also: how do you reconcile the service-oriented free to play nature of the game with the (pretty much) need for arena shooters to be fueled by community-made mods/maps/etc.?