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Hey Chip, I met you finally in person two years ago in Detroit at Autorama when I was there with the guys from Torq'd Design Lab and their Thunderbird. You are truly an inspiration to those of us who love custom cars. What are your thoughts on current automotive styling moving more towards a European Feel and away from the American Muscle car, for example the new Corvette strongly resembles something out of Ferrari and while the fastback design still rides with the new Mustang it still has a lot of European influence to me. Also do you think we as consumers are more interested now with the Tech gadgets in our cars as opposed to our cars themselves and enjoying the open road and seeing the sights around us like someone on Route 66 might have back in it's hayday. Please keep up with all that you do and you never stop amazing us. Oh and if you ever talk to Jonathan Peace tell him to cut his hair. LOL.