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What are your thoughts on the amount of control and access that companies like Google and Microsoft have? Google, for example, has a lot of control over who sees what and when and essentially control large swathes of the internet. Microsoft are in a similar position on the desktop / laptop PC market.

It makes me very uncomfortable.

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What sort of practical or everyday utility do you foresee for the work done by SETI?

I ask because I have a personal love for the work people like you do but am sometimes at a loss for an answer to the question 'How will this benefit humanity'?

I understand that finding even signs of life elsewhere in the universe is a noble task and is likely to be a monumental discovery when it happens but I just cannot explain to others the everyday utility of this work.

I understand, for example, that the image processing algorithms developed by the Event Horizon Telescope researchers will come in useful one day or that technologies that we cannot yet imagine might be developed as a result of your work but how do you communicate this?

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Personally, i haven't heard too much about startups coming out of Aalto. I know that there was a big push encouraging people to launch startups.

Any comments on (Edit) the quality of people you've hired out of Aalto university? Any comments on how the programs there can be improved?

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any startups out of Aalto university that have caught your eye? I know of Catchbox but honestly think that it's more of a gimmick than a professional level product.

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oh ok! That's alright.