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it's not just the sauce. it's also the temperature of your range. it doesn't get hot enough and you end up steaming/boiling ingredients.

also, if you're cooking at home and trying to cook everything in one pot and timing it...don't. cook everything separately, reheat in wok, add sauce.

source: parents owned chinese restaurant, managed a bunch more, i personally worked in then until 21

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it doesn't matter how hard you run the air conditioning if you're also running 4-8 ridiculously high BTU stoves, a fryer, and a salamander or two in small room. you'll save a lot more money and get the same or better result increasing air flow by opening the doors. and if you do that, why run the AC at all??

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takeout chinese is generally cooked meat, cooked veggies, sauce

all three are already chopped, washed, cleaned, and marinated or breaded when your order comes in. each main cook usually access to a giant pot of chicken stock, one large oil wok, and a smaller cooking wok. so...order comes in:

(1) pick your meat, cook in oil wok. 2 minutes or so

(2) pick your veggies, put in cooking wok w/ water, blast on high. 3 minutes

(3) drain meat, drain veggies

(4) put everything in cooking wok on high, toss with sauce and thin with chicken stock as needed. or thicken with cornstarch water. 2 min or so.

your food is done in about 5 min. if the driver was already waiting to head out with an order or two, it takes 10 minutes to drive to your house.

Edit: if your order has more than one dish, the meats cans be cooked one after the other very quickly or even in the same oil wok with strainers underneath to make separating them easy. same for veggies.

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you serious?

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do you know the waif's one weird trick?