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Just look at the schedule in the sidebar and you'll see why...Without Victoria, the celebrity AMAs are often disasters, so no PR person wants to book them, that results in a bunch of shitty IAMA like "russian flag protester"...seriously? Shouldn't even be a default sub anymore for all the worthless content.

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Man...I must be one cheap piece of shit, because the prices on all of those things are 10x what I would ever pay. A $100 umbrella? My tiny department store umbrella has lasted me over a decade for $12. $30 fidget blocks? If I pay $3 for a jar candle that lasts all season I still think I got ripped off. I just don't live in your world...

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But does she have a good ear? I can't really tell good headphones from bad and use $12 BT buds. I certainly would not be a good reviewer just because of my strong, informed opinions.

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Would you tell those who follow the law that jumping the line is a viable alternative to "waiting a long time"?

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