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Every day - on rare ridiculously hot days, I'd personally go through two costumes a day.

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I live in Miami, 5 blocks from the coastline.

How screwed is my house?

(Edited to add a question mark. Because grammar matters.)

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Finishing day at work -I work in insurance, so obviously we're super busy right now preparing. Flying out at 6pm to Puerto Rico until Wednesday of next week at least.

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That's home. I'm going to visit family and help them out with some things around the house and their business, then spend money at local businesses there that need the revenue.

edit.. also, San Juan, where I'm going, is fine for the most part. Other than the power grid failing when a bird farts while sitting on power lines.

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None. There's some gel packs you can wear during parades, but they're worthless, since they tend to melt, warm up, and then just add weight and heat for you to carry during the parade.

Source me. I did that for 5 years over a decade ago. Also Goofy... and Tigger and many others