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I was going to ask you if you tried a pawpaw - as I've been trying to find it in the US Mid Atlantic for a couple of years (there's a rumored tree in Cecil County, Md) -so I'm happy to see this answer.

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there's a Lemon Sponge Pie (around York & Lancaster, PA) that I tried years ago because the woman selling it said, "Well it kind of tastes like pawpaw pie" - I'd never had pawpaw or heard of it and I like the pie so I've always been curious.

Does anyone sell them - like at a roadside stand?

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Pepsi Dude! Bringer of Delicious Caffeinated Beverages!

A few years ago, did Pepsi make a change in the supply chain or extend the shelf life of diet Pepsi?

I used to "luck into" expired diet Pepsi on a semi-regular bases (averaging 1 purchase per month) so I got diligent on checking the expiration dates*.

It's been several years since I've gotten an expired product so I wondered if something changed.

** BTW whoever decided to print BLACK expiration dates on something that appears on a brown background -- they need to be shot. Can't they use an ink that shows up better?

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Thanks for the insight and the info.