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I have mitral valve prolapse with moderate symptoms. My cardiologist encourages me to exercise as per normal but I find that aerobics or cardio quickly gets my palpitations going and I get out of breath very fast. I’ve voiced this out to my cardiologist but he doesn’t seem to listen. I’ve tried yoga but I don’t find it enough as an exercise. Should I just soldier on with the cardio like my cardiologist says so or is there anything else I can try?

Thank you very much for doing this and you’re doing amazing work!

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Yes I’ve heard of that too. I’ve been incorporating magnesium rich foods in my diet. I guess it takes awhile to take effect as I’ve not seen any improvement since starting a month ago.

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Would love to do that! But it’s pretty expensive and there isn’t any right now due to COVID. I’ll keep going at the vinyasa class knowing that it does work! Thank you very much for sharing your experience! Hopefully I’ll get to reach your numbers one day :)

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I did try those and it’s only 160cal burnt. I did for 60mins.

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I think it should be the other way. Healthy option by default. If you want it unhealthy, it’s your choice to ask for it. It is easier to add than to reduce. You can always just get a couple of salt packets and salt the yourself.