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If I weren't happily married I'd insist we have sex right this moment. Nothing like a little boink to give you the confidence you need to get past this. I know you've had issues, but I don't know a single person who didn't feel ashamed and embarrassed about how they look down there when they were a teenager or young adult. There's pressure from everywhere to be perfect. Girls even have surgery to correct labia they think isn't what it "should be". It's craziness. Love yourself and you'll find people that love you.

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As a person who tried to commit suicide after a diagnosis of cancer recurrence, I can honestly say that it gets better. I hope you hang in there. Cancer fucking sucks, but there's some pretty cool things about living.

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Don't you worry that the NSAIDs will cause more harm to you in the long run especially with gastroparesis and pancreatitis issues? I've never really used narcotics to treat my chronic pain (daily 6-7/10) because they don't actually help, but I've done some serious damage to my stomach, esophagus, kidneys, and liver from NSAIDs. You sound very hopeful and I agree that it can be done, although after 40 years of being in pain all the time, I have good and bad days. I was just thinking that I wonder if Toradol and Advil are going to hurt you more.

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So much this. I had lymphoma in my 20s. I had lasting effects and people just kept telling me to get more exercise and eat better and I would feel better. Last year I was finally diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome. I'm 43. With treatment I'm less tired and much more able to be a part of life. I'm probably looking at a bone marrow transplant in the future, but for now, occasional growth factors and transfusions are doing me good. Advocating for yourself doesn't stop with remission. It is forever now. Even with self advocacy, getting real help is sometimes possible though. I hope you continue to improve and get the care you need. Stay strong.

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Yeah, nobody mentioned to me the lifetime of random health challenges I was likely to face after remission. They told me I likely couldn't get pregnant but not that if I did I would likely suffer for it. Maybe they didn't know. I hope OP doesn't have after effects but I've not met many people who haven't.