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This is all around Power Pivot and Data Model

When will we see Power Pivot in Excel be brought closer to how we interact with DAX in Power BI? Examples:

  1. a much better DAX/Measure editor – big whitespace editor of Power BI is way WAY better than either of the Measure editors (yes 2 of them!) in Excel, which don’t properly support indent/outdent, intellisense gets in the way, too easy when tabbing to be in the formatting section vs just trying to indent, etc.
  2. Ability to have bi-directional filtering on relationships
  3. Ability to create calculated tables entirely in DAX – SUMMARIZE(), UNION(), INTERSECT(), etc.
  4. Have existing DAX functions fully supported in model, intellisense, etc. Notably TREATAS()

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I'd love to see a GROUPBY function. Seems perfect for the new Dynamic Array functions. Group a table by 1+ columns, then summarize other columns by SUM, AVERAGE, etc.

GROUPBY(col, col2, col3, col4, "Total Sales", sum(sales), "Total COGS", sum(COGS))

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Conditional Formatting it too small as well.

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I spend more time in Power Query than any other aspect of Excel. Love it!

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When are we going to see improvements to Power Pivot in Excel that more closely match Power BI. New functions like REMOVEFILTERS for example, or bi-directional relationships?

I've heard it is an issue that when these changes are made it could/would break compatibility with older version of Excel with an older Power Pivot engine, but does that mean it will never get updated for the sake of compatibility? Power Pivot in Excel hasn't seen any improvements since 2016. It is getting harder to use Excel because it is more difficult to replicate measures and the model that are supported in Power BI, and sometimes - sometimes - Excel is the right tool for the job.