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What kind of opportunities are there for young people on your rez and what percentage, if you had to ballpark, of people (young or old) are taking advantage of these opportunities?

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What is the deal with vagina looseness? Does it become more loose with lots of sex, girthier partners, age? Does it get tight after long periods of abstinence, exercise, doe it never recover? Is it just a question of the individual? Help me understand!

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I'm hugely skeptical, here. Honestly, this sounds like a scam. How do you legitimize yourself to your prospective clients? How much of a role do you think the placebo effect plays in the success of your clients, as in "I've paid all this money, so this guy must be good, so if I spent so much, I must have gotten something out of it. Hello ladies..."

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Fav dino and reason why?

Who's the best "sleeper" dino? The one that's really awesome but few know about