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A museum would be incredible! I've often gotten sad about the destruction of confederate monuments, as I believe they need to be contextualized in a museum so the history can be preserved. Just imagine how deaf we would be if we destroyed all nazi paraphernalia. The fact that it exists and we can see it makes it real, and I think that's so, so, so important.

Have you heard of the Jim Crow museum? I've been wanting to go for ages!

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I was explicitly told that the superintendent had decided not to share that information with the district's stakeholders.


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Hi, James! I'm a St. Louis county resident interested in politics, especially in this blue-red-blue state.

What are your thoughts on merging St. Louis city and St. Louis county? (That's always a fun question to ask to start.)

Now, a hard one: Let's say the people of Missouri voted for A, but you very, very strongly believe B. The polls are close, and you hear a lot of good arguments for both sides, but the people ultimately decide A and you VERY strongly feel B. How do you vote?

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That's really, really lovely and remarkable. Cheers to him for arguably the most compassionate way of changing minds!

A lot of my friends get violently angry at people with negative views on homosexuality. It's so much more likely to change their mind by being kind and open, rather than angry and uncompromising. Just like you said, baby steps! :)

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It’s so hard to not feel disgusting when it happens.