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What’s the long term follow up care for your injuries? How is your pain now? Do you get so sick of people asking what happened that you’ve begun to make up tall tales about being a stunt man on Kill Bill and accidentally getting your eye snatched out for real?

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Is there a medical reason to wear a prosthetic in your eye socket or is it purely aesthetic? Also- can’t see the light up one you made very well in the pictures, but the whole outfit is amazing! Is it a tiny battery LED in the eye? How did you fit yourself for that? Do your own prosthetics that you make feel any more irritating?

Sorry. So many questions. My brother had his casting chamber (he makes swim bait) blow up, thankfully when he stepped out of the room for a moment. He told me about it and I knew it was serious but this is definitely an eye opener (no pun intended) for the severity of possible consequences.

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That is the coolest freaking thing I have seen in a long, long time!!! Had to google adafruit neopixel. I really dig that you took an otherwise terrible situation and are using your talent and creativity to make the best of it. Props my dude (damnit, seriously, pun not intended)!

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Thought I was gonna getcha there. Well played!

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If you had to pair a whiskey or beer with a Corries song, what two would be your favorite match?