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Hey! Thanks so much for stopping by! We always love hearing from you. I wanted to ask a few questions (aside from the obvious SCREENS?! and ADDITIONS?!!)

  • With the much earlier release of the lineup this year, how do you see the future of festivals panning out?

  • Do you think that we are experiencing a festival bubble? Will it burst soon?

  • What is the next step in festivals vying for attendees? Releasing the lineups earlier and earlier can only go so far.

And don't forget that you're always welcome at /r/bonnaroo!!

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Can we look forward to the Kalliope stage this year?

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Working with booking, how have your methods been affected by the increase in festivals lately?

Is it harder to get who you want?


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I can't wait to grow with y'all!

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When is the art contest starting?

That is always a big part of the fun for my girlfriend and me!