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Deployed anywhere nice.... My understanding of the legion is that there 100% guaranteed to see combat in the first 2 years of service.

It's kinda fascinating actually... You as a hypothetical illegal immigrant or even criminal on the run in France just show up to the gates of the camp. You get taught French and do your four years... Then you automatically get a French passport with whatever name you want on it and a completely fresh start at life.

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How many accidents have you dealt with from a driver being impaired solely by marijuana?

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Whenever marijuana legalization gets brought up people always go "ohh but how would we stop people from getting high and driving, how do we test for it" The fact is that millions of people are already doing it anyway.

Really honestly ask yourself, "when's the last time I picked up a newspaper and read the headline "marijuana causes traffic accident". It happens so rarely I am unable to personally recall a single incident locally. Now cell phones on the other hand cause hundreds of fatalities daily.

I personally think unlike alchohol you don't get a false sense of being "ok" to drive. People who are too high are able to recognize they shouldn't be driving.

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I agree 100% with your post and appreciate your response. It's definitely something that should be kept at home. It sucks some people give it a bad rap, but in the end legalizing it far outweighs the negatives of keeping it illegal and I think we both agree on that.