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While I certainly held this point of view in my playing days... now that I’m a father with a young child getting ready to play, looking back on the head injuries I suffered, I almost feel like checking should be done away with entirely.

Don’t get me wrong; it’s been a part of the game for forever and there’s nothing I love to see more than a solid open-ice hit. But given where sports medicine is going and the fact that repeated head injuries have been directly connected with a whole slew of problems for the players that suffer them, it seems like we may be heading towards the twilight of contact sports. And at this stage in my life I can’t really say that I’m upset about it.

So maybe women’s hockey is actually progressive in a sense, even though sexism is ironically the driving force behind it.

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That's just like, your opinion, man

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I have mixed feelings about Instant Crush -- I mean, don't get me wrong, I absolutely love it and it's probably one of my favorite tracks to date.

But I also got really heavy into it while making the decision to leave my wife, so listening to it is an entirely different experience these days.

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(It's in a different thread... read the fucking description)

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Yeah a friend of mine growing up was actually in the USWNTDP (for the uninitiated: US Women’s National Team Development Program — the precursor for representing US Women’s Hockey in the Olympics). She had more concussions than I ever did.

I have heard the thought floating around that it’s “not being prepared to take a hit” that causes the difference but she grew up playing on boys’ teams and had to know how to give and take a check as a result. I’m on mobile and too lazy to look it up but I’ve also definitely seen research on the front page of reddit to suggest that women are generally more susceptible to head injuries than men.

I obviously have no idea what the actual root cause is, but I really don’t buy the “you’re not prepared to take a hit so you get hurt” argument. Look at basketball — sure there’s some throwing the body around but checking isn’t a thing there; you don’t always expect body contact. Most injuries are to the legs from running/jumping; you get some concussions but not nearly to the same extent as you get in sports where the head comes into play on a regular basis (football, hockey, lacrosse... and soccer, which has an insanely high rate of head injury).

Long story short, you can’t argue that taking contact out of the game won’t reduce injuries. Saying otherwise is an extremely bold logical fallacy.