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Diagnosed BP1 here. Do you feel bipolar disorder is overdiagnosed and is in danger of becoming a 'trendy' mental illness?

Do you feel that antipsychotics are over prescribed in bipolar disorder?

Is there any evidence of bipolar remission, given time?

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Thanks for your response Dr. Miklowitz. I really appreciate your time.

Is there not an argument that minor tranquillisers have a similar effect in calming people down in crisis, rather than risking knocking them for 6 with haloperidol? From the patients side, being put on antipsychotics during psychosis was the most traumatic experience I've ever had in my life...

Isn't there a problem in that neurotypical people may have something that constitutes a manic episode, but due to no other episodes, or depression, it perhaps shouldn't be diagnosed as such? A single seizure, for example, isn't enough to diagnose epilepsy.

Do you recommend anything with regards to the cognitive side effects of BP(which i feel are hardly talked about at all?) For example, feeling slow, less verbal content (finding it hard to find words), low motivation... Is there any research around this?