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Have you ever been offered a NBA job? And if so, why did you turn it down?

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Who do you think are the best writers/podcasters/etc. working in NBA analysis right now?

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Do you still have the link to that AMA? As far as I've read, polpyphasic sleep is a poorly researched sleep strategy and there's little, if any, direct studies on it.

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Henry, thank you for creating TrueHoop! Back then I was starved for real basketball analysis and insight instead of the regurgitated cliches that most basketball stories consisted of. As far as I am concerned the renaissance of basketball analysis that we are all richly experiencing now was sparked by your great work.

That being said, what do you were the other big factors in getting nba analysis to the place where it is today?

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I know a handful of people that were diagnosed with colon cancer that are still currently alive and seem to have well outlasted their initial prognoses. I believe all of them are on some form of immunotherapy. Is colon cancer treatment one of the cancers that seems to have dramatically improved in outcomes in the past few years?