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Your "the"s lined up perfectly.

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That's brutal. But it also seems like you're having to walk a delicate line between objectification being very good for your career and it also making you feel pretty crappy. Just from clicking on your Facebook, I saw that you upload a lot of pictures in a lacy bra, which earns you a ton of likes (and, no doubt, a lot of future business in buying posters/attending cons where they know they'll see you/following your social media, etc), but then you get slammed with that backlash whenever you upload a picture that isn't meant to titillate but to show off your artistic skills.

Anyway, I might be reading the situation wrong, but it seems like that's what's going on? Either way, seeing the stuff people say to you online completely terrifies/shocks/appalls me as a fellow lady. Seeing that kind of shit all the time must take such a toll--sending you good thoughts.

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Eh, I bet some do. Tourists tend to move in big, noisy packs, which are annoying no matter what their nation of origin.

The bartender might not shoot them a dirty look because he knows he's likely to get paid and overtipped, but I know that if I were sitting with a friend enjoying a quiet drink, I might be annoyed when the door gets thrown open and ten people start talking about how adorable this pub is, can't we take a picture, oh, it's like something out of a movie, what drink do we want?, gosh, well I just don't know, can you tell us all about every drink on your menu? (And my annoyance would have nothing to do with those people's nationality.)

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Tell us about one of the characters you met?

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Far more likely that it's based in differences in access. Women are less likely to be gun owners than men.