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Wasn't the ticket for a permit issue?

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Ahhhh, gotcha. Thanks for the details on that!

Disclosure: Fellow San Antonian who's been trying to follow this story.

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Well maybe not all of them, but the ones I felt I'd be best qualified for and there were quite a few.

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A digital library just opened here (Bibliotecha) and I applied for all the positions. I have years of experience in libraries and my main skillset is with technology. Despite that I wasn't even called for an interview...

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I'm a former library employee (I was in IT but worked out of a branch) and have been in libraries since before I was born until now. Having worked for years at the reference desk I learned how to do everything the librarians did and then some. I love libraries and what they do and would like to still be a part of that but despite my knowledge and skills the lack of a MLS keeps me out.

My questions is, do you two feel that the ability to answer a question effectively is bolstered by the extra education or not relevant?