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My favorite of your films is Memories of Murder, and I find myself watching it every few months. As a young filmmaker I find it filled with so much inspiration. One thing I love so much about it is the way it seamlessly mixes tension, beauty, and comedy.

My question is about the comedy. Did the comedy in the film just come about naturally, or was it a more conscious decision? Were you afraid that the comedy would not mix well with the otherwise very dark subject matter? Was there a specific purpose to comedy, or was it just there to make the film enjoyable?

Thank you, and can’t wait to see Snowpiercer this weekend!

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Thank you for that great response, means a lot. Cheers.

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The Good, The Bad and the Weird is a great and fun ride. I also love I Saw the Devil by the same director.

Haven't seen The Yellow Sea but will add it to my list! Thanks!