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So we had a doctor that billed the wrong insurance for us. We sent them the correct plan information (they did not update our info in their office after our plan changed over for the new plan year) and the insurance sent them multiple letters asking them to just resubmit the claim and it would be paid, after telling us that we would not be on the hook for any of it as it was all a covered service not subject to deductible or anything (pre-natal well mother visits). Instead of resubmitting it (or even sending us an actual bill) they just sent the whole thing to collections and we started getting calls.

How would we handle something like that? We disputed it with the credit bureau and told the collector to stop contacting us, and it doesn't show on either of our credit reports, but they still will not stop calling us. It has been over a year.

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That's exactly how it goes.

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The doctor's office just told us "we got rid of that already, you'll have to deal with the collection agency".

We just told the collection agency to fuck off and blocked their number, but we keep getting voicemails.

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Security was not guaranteed under the Budapest Memorandum though, but under the Trilateral Statement

The Trilateral Statement: Signed in Moscow, 14 January 1994 by the presidents of the United States, Russia, and Ukraine: Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, and Leonid Kravchuk. Details the procedures to transfer Ukrainian nuclear warheads to Russia and associated compensation and security assurances. Sets out simultaneous actions to transfer SS-18 and SS-24 warheads from Ukraine to Russia for dismantling and to provide compensation to Ukraine in the form of fuel assemblies for nuclear power stations. It also provides economic support and technical aid from the United States to assist with dismantling the strategic nuclear arms, as well as security assurances to Ukraine from both the United States and Russia, once START I enters into force and Ukraine becomes a non-nuclear weapon state party to the Nuclear Non-proliferation Treaty (NPT).

Also from the same article:

In a joint statement on December 4, 2009 the presidents of the United States and Russia, Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev, confirmed the assurances of security to Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Belarus given on the heels of these countries' consent in 1994 to give up their nuclear weapons.

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You sound like an amazing friend to be there for her during all that.

My question is how comfortable was she when she took the lethal dose?

My grandmother had a massive stroke when I was 18 and I was her power of attorney and executor of her living will. When I came home from work and noticed that she was not responsive I called 911 and they took her to the ER. I had told them that she had a strict DNR in her living will but they decided to medi-flight her to a better hospital anyway, so I can relate to the emergency response team giving you hell over it. From there I had to make the call to bring her off life support and take her home to pass. It was probably the hardest thing ever because it took about 2 1/2 weeks for her to pass. I know that if it were legal to have AS where we are from she would have wanted it.