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Beyond having to work from home, what challenges and opportunities has the pandemic posed for your work on the book and the podcast? Are there stories you might not have considered otherwise, or approaches you might not have discovered? Have there been unexpected benefits? Have there been challenges you wouldn't have anticipated in March?

PS. Love my new challenge coin!

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On a similar note: How do you view the risks and benefits of native advertising on podcasts? Do you think there is a danger in not having a clearer separation between “editorial” and “advertising”, as in more traditional forms of media? Should I buy a Casper mattress? ;)

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Indeed: it's always absolutely clear when you're switching from story to sponsored messages! I just wonder: there's been a lot of media discussion about how podcast ads are so effective b/c (among other reasons) they are (often) read in the host's voice. Do you see any downside to this trend? Or do you see it as no different from any other form of sponsorship/advertising? Simply curious, thanks!

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Hi Roman, love the show, and all the beautiful nerds of Radiotopia!

In interviews I’ve heard you describe what you do as “art” (most recently on Benjamen Walker’s show last week, where he explored the emergence of podcasting as a new medium). Do you think of the work that you do on 99pi as more akin to “art” or “journalism” (and do you think this is even a useful distinction)? If podcasting is a new “art form,” what do you think are its essential characteristics?