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I haven't checked my blood pressure for years

You seriously never checked your blood pressure once throughout this entire experiment?

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So there is some logic to my slow conditioning into winter of always being slightly cold and not trying to always be warm.

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faster than almost anyone ever attempts

He never said he had the record...

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Hey there Erik. Before my p90x related quedtions I wana say the "no excuses from any of you" bit at the beginning of plyo motivated me from day 1 through day 100+ so thank you for kicking ass!!

Now questions:

How choreographed are the workouts? How scripted Tony and the gang's responses? E.g. did you know you'd be hands in the air for round 2 of mary katherines?

How did you meet Tony and get in the videos? Also any Tony stories or info are greatly appreciated!!

Was it annoying having Dom jumping "through the roof" throughout plyos? He almost runs into you on leapfrog squats!!

Favorite and least favorite p90x workout?

Thoughts on p90x2?

Thank you so much for answering questions!!!

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There were but they deleted that part