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You like living near DC? As someone from Charlottesville who's gone to NoVA/DC for field visits, concerts, Nats games, weekends, etc I cannot stand the traffic.

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Based upon your experience, do the cases at Johnson VA medical center in Clarksburg, WV fit the pattern of an intentional murderer, or simply malpractice/incompetence?

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How does 5G and 4G compare in mountainous terrain? Does the higher frequency mean 5G is able to penetrate better than 4G? I ask because I currently live in West Virginia and curious if the cell phone carriers will see any advantage to investing in 5G here (particularly along the interstates).

Speaking of... I have undeniable proof that 5G does not cause COVID 19. We currently have community transmitted cases (meaning people who haven't traveled are infected) of the disease in this state. Guess what we don't have? 5G coverage. Drops microphone