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  • What can I do right now to improve my chances of finding employment in Antarctica?

  • I am currently employed as database manager, but somehow I don't see that being very useful on that particular continent. I'm a 25 year old white male living in Pennsylvania. Am I too average?

  • I'm sure you've got downtime, what do you do for fun?

  • How is the Internet connection down yonder? Being so remote, I feel like it would be slow as molasses, but being to high tech, I feel it would be like greased lightening. Thoughts?

I'm sorry if any of these have been addressed already. I really wanted to get them to you before I left. For what it's worth, I love the bitter cold. My dream vacation is not that of hot, sandy beaches, but rather of a barren tundra. Thanks for your time!

e4excellence4 karma

Gosh, I keep forgetting about the white guilt I'm supposed to have.