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dygital3 karma

Hi, Matt. Thanks for all the work and passion you have on making WordPress a reality for millions of individuals. My question is:

Do you grow concerned with other solutions for content publishing like 'Ghost' that emphasize on a minimalistic approach to content publishing and editing?

That is, WordPress was once simple and now it is so extensive, some novices aren't able to keep up with all the features.

I would love to be able to modify the core so it offers a "lightweight" edition for novices. Maybe this is what you intend plugins to offer -- but just a thought/suggestion. Thank you, Matt! :)

dygital2 karma

I also have another question:

Say you retired your involvement from WordPress, what other projects stimulate your interest and challenge you?

I think for many of us, all good things come to an end and considering your success of WordPress, what other projects (offline or online) would benefit from your involvement?