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Will you consider bringing this to the Vita? The Sony handheld is perfect for a game like this, the fanbase for SRPGs on the Vita is huge. What do you think?

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Let's talk about NS13, I noticed a lot of negative comments about it on here. What do you think was so polarizing about NS13 that made so many people leave, and what was it they loved so much about NS11 that is now gone for them, so much to the point they would quit?

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I work in the Meat department at Walmart. Interestingly enough, we just switched from Cargill (who is phasing out gestation crates) to Tyson, who is just about the last major supplier defending their use. As a part of the industry I think ending this shit is better for everyone in the long run. If you ever come by my store, I'll come out and say hi!

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I liked Alice's Army a lot- I know you did too because i saw you in /wizards a lot when it came out. Anyway, it's kind of died off, nobody plays much anymore. What do you think about maybe letting people play "by mail", as in let people take turns over longer periods of time. They could play even if they're on at different times, kinda like Frozen Synapse or old school Chess by mail. This could save AA. Thoughts?