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Alan, if you could green light any personal passion project, what would it be? And whom would you work with?

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If you could choose any of your fellow BSG alumni to work together with again, who would it be?

Follow up: Do you have any other things that you'd like to work on? Ie: Directing/writing or are you more comfortable in front of the camera?

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Two part question: as a vietnam vet, do you feel honored that society has been trying to make right the unwelcome feeling that many of your brothers felt when they returned home originally?

When a person like Frank Lucas (drug dealer who allegedly smuggled drugs in soldiers coffin's) gains fame for his criminal career, do you feel that society is hopelessly backward? Ie: we elevate the wrong people to pedestals?

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I was curious from both your judge & veteran perspective. I figured you may have a unique perspective given those aspects of your background. Thank you for taking the time.