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...and thus began Tina Fey's rap career.

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This is the either the greatest bullshit in the world or the most hilarious shit on the internet.

Seriously, you fucking got waterboarded. What was it like?

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I assume Scotch was brought out, hookers were ordered, and surgeons were brought in to repair the aforementioned jaws.

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So it's been 12 hours since you guys made this post and I've spent some time using and customizing Opera and I have some feedback for you guys, if any of you get the chance to read this comment.

Things I like:

  • Speed: The browser works very fast, as fast or faster than Chrome, although I didn't run any data tests to support this claim.

  • Browser real-estate: This is an important one for me. It's more than just style, but efficiency. The Opera browser is minimalist in design but the small buttons to enable features at the bottom give the browser a nice flavor without compromising page space.

  • Opera Turbo: I haven't explored this option to it's fullest, but the idea behind it seems excellent.

  • Customizable layout: The "Appearance" preference menu is quite handy, as it allows the user to completely customize where they want all their toolbars and how they should appear. This is a very nice feature, especially considering that I much prefer tabs to be tree-style like the addon for Firefox.

  • Zoom and scroll: There must be something added into Opera for the zoom and scroll features because they function differently in Opera than they do in Firefox and Chrome. Specifically, the zoom has an increased number of zoom levels when zooming with the trackpad gestures. In addition, the scrolling when using trackpad gestures is more responsive and hence much more useful for scrolling long pages (reddit comment pages, for example.) [Note: trackpad gestures on a Mac].

I was going to make a list for things that I think need improvement, but I really don't need a list. The only thing to complain about (and I think this is OS specific) is that the styles are a bit buggy. For example, when the tab bar is on the left, it functions improperly (tabs don't change or the images of them remain there after closed). In addition, it appears there's some sort of problem with mousing over things in the panel - after a mouse over of an icon, that icon remains shaded as if it's still being moused over.

Conclusion: Opera is a really nice browser and functions really well. Once it gets better OS X support I could see changing from Firefox as my main browser (mostly because of TreeStyle tabs) to Opera.

Thanks for reading!