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Honestly property is not a shitty thing to be classified as in the US. Lot's of property rights. I'm not sure about sentient classification, but it would nice to see a pet classification. Something more powerful than "you shot my microwave," but something less powerful than "you shot my child."

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Why would you not keep your money in the bank because you've robbed banks? That's not how banks work. Even if a thief stole every dollar a bank had, your account is still protected by legally required federal insurance, up to 6 digit amounts.

Edit: I'm a dumbass....

/u/NyrobiSwank_69 "Because depositing thousands of dollars is a paper trail? "

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This comment makes me feel old.

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Did I read that right? Amy Schumer wanted to do wrestling?

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If they skirt it, they either can't tell, or don't want to. Am I the only that was raised that it's rude to ask someone about their income? I realize this is an AMA, but damn, if someone doesn't wanna answer, they aren't obligated based on your curiosity.