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Nicely done! You are bringing joy to lots of people, and you should feel good about that.

Memory care is a tough gig. Having to introduce yourself and your dog over and over can be exhausting, but it makes a huge difference. Even for the caregivers.

Don't be afraid to give yourself a break, too. Therapy dog teams (owners and dogs) can get burnt out, so take a break when you need it.

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You two sound like a perfect team!

Check for therapy dog organizations in your area, they can pave the way in many of these regards (eg., insurance, training, recommended visit locations).

Most of the training is really for the owner. You have to know your dog's signals well so you can get them out of a bad situation before anything happens. For example, you need to guide little (or old) hands away from your dog's face and eyes and onto their preferred petting spots (back or chest). And you need to recognize when your dog is done and get them out of there if they are showing any signs of stress or overwhelm. Even the the best bois have their limits.

Good luck

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There is likely a therapy dog organization in your area. For example, Project Canine in Seattle routinely makes visits to local schools, libraries, and colleges.

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Watch out for the vice versa. :-) Visitees love to save some lunch to feed to the dogs. I bring treats along and let them feed the dog, everyone's happy.