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I thought "Happy Endings" quickly became one of the best comedies on television - the cast had wonderful chemistry, the writing was smart and the the series was densely packed (the series can really be watched again and again), with some hysterical riffs ("Today Was a Good Day" blaring on the soundtrack as you and Damon's characters were greeted by the homeowner's association at the end of one episode.)

The series got so good I said "I know this will probably be cancelled." Sure enough. At some point, do you feel like network TV is a little broken from the standpoint of having little desire to really help a series along that has promise? So many great shows last a season or two before being given the boot. What are your thoughts about the future of TV and things like people attracting millions of subscribers on Youtube? Was there any move to take "Happy Endings" to cable? It would have made a great show on cable network FX.

You were terrific on "Scrubs" and "Endings" and will look for your new show.

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Loved the original greenlight and the chair looks terrific. Thoughts on film vs digital video? One over the other or indifferent?