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I want to know... were y'all giggling maniacally while making TMC? Cuz I'd like to think you guys were.

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I'm so curious about the scent of space. Any chance you'd help create a scratch-n-sniff sticker for the rest of us Earthwalkers?

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Speaking of kids.... what's the most thought provoking question a kid has asked y'all? Ya know, the question that kind of knocked you back a little because it was that good coming from someone so young.

Thanks for doing this ama, unidan and friends. :]

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Hi mc chris. I just wanted to tell you how proud I am of you. I watched that Internet fiasco awhile back and was happy you owned it and am equally happy about how you've grown over the last year. Im proud to call myself your fan.

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How did yall celebrate when you found out Fox picked you up?