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Did you have TBI ? full body radiation. I don't know if its that, the chemo or the transplant it's self as to why I get hot and cold easy. You are lucky to have a friend that is going through the same, even tho it is very unlucky thing to have.

Not all hospitals do cord blood, the ones I know about are Dana Farber MA, Sloan Kettering NY, J Hopkins MD, Unv of Michigan, Anderson cancer center in TX and I think a hospital in Washington state, I'm sure other places do it but not as many that do "normal" stem cell transplants. The one good thing about cord blood is they only do a max HLA-A match of 4/4 for a "perfect" instead of a 10/10 for a transplant from adult cells but unless you have a twin you will never get a 100% match. Also they do haploidentical transplants at Dana Farber, that is you get a transplant from one of your parents, so you really have a 5 out of 10 match it could really be a 2.5/10 because I'm pretty sure you get half of your HLA from both parents and the other 50% is custom made by your body before birth. I got a haplo transplant after the cord blood didn't engraf, the GVH sucks real bad but everyone is different. Also don't be afraid to ask other doctors get 2nd 3rd and 4th opinions, but don't just let them tell you what you want to hear at the same time.

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floralmuse, I underwent 2 stem cell transplants last year. One was two different cord bloods and another was a Haploidentical from one of my parents.

How come you have had your immune system attack your eye? Is it Graft vs Host? I was under the impression that you didn't get GVHD with an Autologous transplant you didn't get that. Also why don't you try for a cord blood transplant? The matching isn't as strict as an adult unrelated donor?