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I was working as a publicity person at a magazine when Alphabet came out, and I chatted a bit with your (publisher's?) publicist on the phone. She said that you were one of the nicest authors that they had ever dealt with, "a real sweetie." She said that most authors who produced books similar to yours were true pains, very narcissistic and rude and entitled. She said you had good manners. Somehow, don't ask me how, I wasn't surprised (even as a longtime fan of your site).

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I agree with that. However, that is not what the more credible 9-11 researchers, many of them engineers and architects, are claiming. I too discard the wild-eyed conspiracy stories, but others, coming from professionals, do make me pause a moment and wonder.

EDIT: Like you, I ignore the less credible theories. But do you also dismiss 100% of the more carefully-researched investigations? Are all of these building professionals, some of whom are risking an entire career's worth of credibility to even pose questions about the event, just a bunch of crazies in your estimation?

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Shrewd question.