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A swap is a strategy used during a merger or acquisition of a company. The motivation is an opportunity to pay with stock rather than with cash.

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What is your 火锅 intake?

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If he has to take a chubby, he'll just suck it up like a man.

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I agree. Zahn has stated lower in this thread that he has clear views on good characters and evil characters, but I think Thrawn is one of the more ambiguous Star Wars villains. He's a respected leader who's able to inspire his men, he's a peerless strategist and tactician, and he's a thrilling innovator who accomplishes novel effects with relatively mundane tools. Of all the villains I'd seen, Thrawn comes fairly close to being an anti-hero. Just as Milton's portrayal of Satan in Paradise Lost was sympathetic to the point of opening the author up to accusations of being "in the Devil's league", I'd say Zahn's portrayal of a sympathetic, likeable Imperial leader rightfully opens up questions about whether the Empire is as meritless and negative as they're portrayed in the films. Furthermore, if the leader of the bad guys can arouse some sympathy in the reader, are they still the bad guys? If so, and if we sympathize with them, then what does that make us, if not "in the Devil's league"?

Easily the most thought provoking Star Wars material I've ever read. And the video game tie-in was a great example of continuity and cross-creator respect.

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If only modern science had some way to dust... for vomit.