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David, I feel like a lot of your music has to do with architecture. As a student, I am curious what your interests are in architecture? You seem to include a lot of architectural elements in your song lyrics. Also to what extent do you see music and architecture being related?

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There is definitely truth to this. A lot of the time there are more erotic scenes in popular cinema or television than anything I've seen in a porn film. Narrative and visual style is grossly underrated in mainstream porn. Productions like from Tushy have really high contrast bright/white scenes but that doesn't contribute to a mood of a scene at all.

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LUCIUS! I saw you guys in costa mesa, CA at the detroit bar just before they closed and have become something else. Thank you for making it so special (especially that acoustic encore in the audience) and for getting me laid! cant wait to see you guys again. I hope new material is coming soon.

Jess & Holly, what are your favorite tracks off wildewoman and why did you decide on such a controversial image for your album cover? i love it as a choice but everyone i show you guys to sees it and remarks "That IS a penis"