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I just read Masters of Doom. Great book. It sounded like you guys had a blast back in the day creating games like Commander Keen, Wolfenstein 3D, and Doom. You sound like a really fun, great guy. Do you keep in touch with John Carmack? Have you made amends? Did you feel betrayed when they kicked you out of your own company?

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Do you find the researcher in you observing and asking questions about the players' decision making processes in your D&D campaign? My old DM minored in psychology, and I often felt like a rat in his experiments. I enjoyed it, though. It kind of added an extra facet to the game.

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When I reached the part of the book where you left id, it hit me in the feels. It was like my favorite rock band just broke up, like these two dudes who created the most awesome music in the world just had irreconcilable differences. It was such an amazing story up until I that point. But you're still fighting the good fight cranking out games, and I applaud you for that. I wish you success in all your endeavors.

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Did you ever get to meet Herbert Simon? Wasn't he interested in similar things?

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I'm in Atlanta, and I want to visit Maine. I've been reluctant to travel. When would be a relatively good time to fly? I was thinking about waiting until October. Is that too soon?