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Gaming's equivalent of "I'mma let you finish but..."

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Author/OP wasn't making a value judgment, just explaining Russia's interests in disinformation.

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What a fascinating idea! Can you give any examples of in-game situations that you have used to help address social anxiety or depression?

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What joke/routine by another comedian do you wish you wrote?

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I see this accusation thrown around a lot. My personal opinion is that the alleged "liberal bias" of r/politics simply reflects the following :

  • The overall American/reddit population skews Democratic—a majority of Americans skew toward Democratic (or, at least, against Trump/GOP); consider national polling since 2016, and consider that Trump and GW Bush lost the popular vote. Additionally, I assume that reddit's userbase is generally younger than the average population, and current polling shows that younger Americans are more left-leaning on average. So it makes sense that a general political subreddit would skew the same way. A left-leaning American/reddit user majority would naturally result in downvoting of right-leaning articles and upvoting of left-leaning articles.
  • The GOP is the party in power—Although the "minority" party nationally in terms of total American votes, the GOP has controlled the Presidency and Senate since 2016 (and held the House from 2016-18, though of course the House's power is limited when the Senate must approve House legislation). Journalism, naturally, focuses on the actions and inactions on those who hold the power, so the majority of journalism is going to focus on the performance of the party in power—i.e., the GOP. And while journalism can certainly highlight the accomplishments of the party in power, it is the duty of journalists (and the reason why journalism is vital to democracy) to report on the abuses and failures of the party in power.
  • Trump is a scandal-machine—Trump is historic in terms of number and magnitude of scandals, which I imagine (i.e. I surely hope) is recognized even by those Trump fans who refuse to seek news outside of the right-wing propaganda bubble. Naturally, the average American/redditor will focus on these constant presidential scandals (many of which are, in my own personal opinion, are some of the worst actions/inactions in my lifetime). While Democratic politicians can and should be scrutinized and criticized, it is naturally hard for any such transgression to overshadow Trump's transgressions on any given day—arguably both because Trump is president (so naturally has the higher profile among national politicians) and because Trump's transgressions have consistently been shocking.
  • Clickbait is king—Even left-leaning redditors should recognize that the majority of top posts on r/politics are clickbait, hyperbolic, and/or from biased sources ("Common Dreams," HuffPo, etc.). Rather than posting original reporting—which is often more accurate, objective, and nuanced, but is behind a paywall (e.g. NYT, WaPo, WSJ)—the top posts generally describe and breathlessly opine on the original reporting, often with inflammatory (and frequently misleading) headlines. This reflects two decades-long trends in the general American population (including both left- and right-leaning folks)—(1) Americans' increasingly short attention spans, dopamine-addiction to outrage, and partisanship cause them to seek out more biased, hyperbolic sources; and (2) decades of the Internet have caused Americans to stop paying for news subscriptions, leading to the proliferation of ad-driven, free-to-access clickbait.

TL;DR: r/politics is heavily left-leaning, with hyperbolic headlines—not through conspiracy or astroturfing, but because the average American (of any political affiliation) is susceptible to clickbait, and the average American (and, even moreso, the average redditor) is left-leaning. Naturally, a majority left-leaning userbase is going to upvote left-leaning articles and downvote right-leaning articles. This is particularly true in the Trump era, in which the GOP essentially holds all national power (so is naturally going to be the focus of journalistic scrutiny), and in which Trump has been a near-daily firehose of scandal.