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Pacific Northwest USA Engineer here.

What do you call it when you go forward and when you back up? For instance if somebody called you on the radio and instructed you to proceed forward, what would they say?

Because here in the USA we say “go A Head.” A, sounds like “Eh” like the way a Canadian would say it, eh. So ahead, or forward would be A Head. And back up is just “back up.”

I think the reason we say A Head and not ahead for forward is because in the USA when we want someone to do something we say “go ahead and do it.” Which is akin to asking someone to proceed with what they were going to do anyways.

I frequently have Brakemen telling me to “go ahead and back up” over the radio and they fail to see the irony in this statement. Perhaps that’s just the difference between the big, juicy, well educated brain of a Locomotive Engineer and the simple brain of a Brakeman.

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Is there ever any emotional or romantic attraction amongst porn stars after they’ve had sex on the set?

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Will you say Hi to my Mom please? Her name is Yvonne. My whole life when I ask her a question about something she says, “I think he’s going to show ya, J.R.”

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Can you explain to me what Jefferson Hair Pie means? It’s been killing me for 30 years.