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Do you intend to perform any music by living composers?

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It’s encouraging to see a movement towards giving contemporary performers their due. It feels when I was growing up it was all dead guys.

But hey, nothing wrong with a little Wolfy

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Is there any information or studies about the safety of cannabis for breast-feeding mothers? Either THC or CBD. For the records, we haven't tried it, most research I see is a hard no, but I'm curious if it's because of lack of research due to stigma in the field. CBD especially seems like it could offer a lot, but I don't want to do anything to mess up the babe.

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Thanks yea, I’m a sound engineer in Los Angeles. Between REDCAT, new LA Phil/Opera programming, and groups like Wild Up, there’s a lot of fun stuff going on in contemporary music in CA. Haven’t made it up to Cabrillo yet though.