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Wish this had been answered. I'm more interested in the story behind the rejections and the feedback, not the book.

That's what would make this an interesting AMA

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Is $225 alot for a resort? I've never been to one, but it's alot more than I've ever paid per day anywhere. It would make sense if it was all inclusive with drinks and all, but I'm really struggling to understand what you get for that.

Thats not a comment against you personally I'm just genuinely interested to know if it's average, cheap or expensive and what justifies it to guests and hosts alike.

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They're on the front page of Reddit, it probably can't handle the traffic

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I guess if it's two people you could easily justify $60 per person on food and $60 per person per night. It sounds relatively cheap when you think of it like that.

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Yes I agree, $5 hostels and food for $1 or less is generally what I go for to, but I imagine it's quite different if you're specifically booking a resort? Being able to book a resort for the same price as eating back home might be considered cheap?